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Future Events


“Awaiting for The Wonder of Learning Exhibit: A democratic Piazza, Dialogues in the community”

November, 13-14 2015

“Our Communities, Our Schools, and Our Global Society: Welcoming an International “Culture of Creativity”

January 23-24, 2016

“Towards Diversities in Dialogue: Montessori, Reggio Emilia, High Scope”

April 22-23

“Traces of the Exhibit: Change & Evolution of a Growing Collective of Schools”



• Atelier for Teachers
(2 hours)
• Atelier for studio Teachers (2 hours)

Study Group Days

• Study group for Directors
• Study group for Teachers


1 week internship at L’Atelier with visits to the exhibit.

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Ten years ago the Florida Reggio Collaborative was born with the intention to bring the practice of dialogue to our context. A dialogue that is centered in a key word that is essential to all of us: Quality.

What is quality?
In the last ten years we have seen progress in Florida’s education. As Dave Lawrence Jr, Chair of the Children’s movement of Florida, stated in his speech for the Future of Florida Forum

“The wisest path to that is to get the early years right – to make the investments in parent skill-building, in quality child care, in quality health care for everyone, for high-quality pre-K. I’ve used the word “quality” several times because only high quality leads to real results and first-rate outcomes for children.

To do right by children, we need to understand life and education as a continuum. Get the early years right – get children off to a strong start – they probably will have momentum all their lives.”

We are here to enter in dialogue with all of you, regardless of the approach to education that you have chosen. We advocate for the rights of all children to have a quality education every day of their lives.

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